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Who can join kid’s classes?
Our kids’s classes are for children (boys and girls) ages 4 to 12 years (preschool and elementary grade school).

What benefits will my child have from starting Kyokushin Karate?
Your child will develop physically in areas such as flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. Furthermore your child will also develop mentally in areas such as discipline, concentration, and confidence. On top of all this above, your child will be able to make new friend through the shared experience inside the dojo.

How about first timers?
Our classes are open to all levels, and we always have a variety of grades attending classes.For kids between the ages of 4-8, we recommend you see our classes on younger kid’s classes (this is directed for younger one and is at a pace that is suited for the age)


Who can join general classes?
General classes are for everyone from the age 13+ (men and women).Inside the general class there are three groups however we all train together in the same class.
1. Ipanbu (young men) this includes males from 13~34 years of age
2. Joshibu (womens) this includes all women from the age 13+
3. Sonenbu (senior men) This includes men from ages 35+

What benefits can you expect form starting Kyokushin Karate?
Physically you will notice benefits in areas such as, flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. Furthermore mentally in areas such as self-discipline, concentration, and confidence.On top of all this the Dojo has a friendly atmosphere and will make friends with people whom share similar interest as you in Karate.

How about first timers?
Our general classes are open to all levels, and we always have a variety of grades attending these classes. Please see the class schedule for times.

What are the classes like?
Classes are run in a traditional way, beginning and ending with respect. It is one of our strongest values we maintain within the dojo and beyond. The sensei’s who will be teaching have many years teaching experience, please see the instructors section for profiles. The classes are broken down into segments such as warm-up and stretching, basic practice, movement practice, kata (pattern work) and partner work (mitt training, and sparing).

Can we come and watch a class?
You are welcome to come watch classes anytime, please see the schedule for when classes are on. Come to the Front Desk (level 2) to be guided by our friendly staff. This is the best way to see what our classes are like.

Can I train with my children in the same class?
Yes, on Saturdays have two classes that are very popular combining kids and adults at the same time. This is a great opportunity to bond with your children in your common shared interest, Kyokushin Karate. We currently have a number of family’s who attend these classes.

Are there any extra activities outside the Karate Dojo classes?
Yes, we have gradings 5 times a year, 2 camps a year, and many tournaments that you can challenge yourself with. We also have social events though out the year.

How does the belt ranking system work?
Everyone who joins the dojo starts at white belt. After that, there are 10 Kyu grades (colour belts), followed by black belt. It generally takes at least 4 years for someone who trains diligently to achieve black belt, however everyone will progresses at a different pace due to personal commitments, and ability.
10th Kyu – Orange belt
9th Kyu – Orange belt with stripe
8th Kyu – Blue belt
7th Kyu – Blue belt with stripe
6th Kyu – Yellow belt
5th Kyu – Yellow belt with stripe
4th Kyu – Green belt
3rd Kyu – Green belt with stripe
2nd Kyu – Brown belt
1st Kyu – Brown belt with stripe
1st Dan (Shodan) – Black Belt

I travel a lot, is it possible to train in other dojos abroad?
Yes, we are an international organisation, therefor we have branches all around the world. Please click here to see all our branches. However before you plan to train in other branches, please request an introduction letter from the dojo sensei.

I trained Kyokushin before, can I keep my same belt?
Yes, you have trained in one of our branches around the world, we will recognise your current belt, and you can continue on the same belt level.

Diakanyama Dojo Enrolment Procedure

  • What is required at registration:

①. Membership Application Form
②. Agreement (Sign and Stamp after understanding and agreeing to all terms
* If the applicant is under 18 years of age, a legal guardian must also sign and stamp the form
③. Enrolment Fee:10,800 yen(Adults・Junior)
④. 1 x Passport Photo ((3cm(W) x 4cm(H))
⑤. Credit Card (VISA, Master, JCB)
⑥. Email address (for IKO Portal)
⑦. Monthly Fee for the first month
*16,200 yen Join Date from 1st to 15th – General (or high school students)
* 10,800 yen Join Date from 1st to 15th – Junior (junior high school or under)
* 8,100 yen (current month) + 16,200 yen (next month) Join Date from 16th to 31st – General (or high school students)
* 5,400 yen (current month) + 10,800 yen (next month) Join Date from 16th to 31st – Junior (junior high school or under)
⑧. Personal ID (Alien Card, Drivers Licence, Passport etc.)

  • Open Hours to register:

Monday to Friday [10:00am to 9:00pm] Weekends and Holidays [10:00am to 6:00pm]
* 4th Friday of every month, FLUX Conditionings will be closed
* FLUX conditionings 2F front TEL: 03-3780-5553
* If you wish to start training the day you register, please allow 1 hour for the registration procedure

  • Membership and Training Fees:
Type General Junior
Dojo Monthly Fee 16,200 yen 10,800 yen
Kyokushin Medical Support 3,800 yen 2,800 yen
Annual fee 10,800 yen 10,800 yen
If there is two or more members from the same family, a fee of 16,200 yen will cover everyone.


  • IKO Portal is our member management system:
    • You have access to this online, and can log in to view your details and update if required
    • Your Medical Support will be deducted automatically in January
  • Training Equipment:
    • Supporters are also required such as shin pads, gloves etc.
  • Events:
    • Promotion examination (three times a year)
    • Dan examination (twice a year)
    • Summer and winter camp
    • Others (such as tournaments)
  • Dojo Closed:
    • Sundays, Public Holidays, Event days (such as tournaments)
  • Temporary Absence and Dojo Withdrawals :
    • Please fill out withdrawals and temporary absence forms by the 20th of the month before you will stop
    • Forms available Front Desk (level 2)
  • Other:
    • Please ask front staff if there are any special promotions currently on offer.